New "Olde-Musicke"
Tonal Midis and MP3s Composed by Bob Fink
*** Updated APRIL, 2008
(c) 2008 Greenwich/Fink (...and more to come.)
[Composed in classical, baroque or other old or "counterpoint" styles]
Plus some classical favourites (by Bach, etc.)
NOTE: COUNTERPOINT includes performing two or more melodies at the same time. Stereo makes this easier to hear when one melody is heard by the left ear; another by the right (and others placed at other locations between). Learning to hear separately with both ears music from different locations can be more fun than juggling, and also includes listening for the harmony progressions made by the melodies. It is the "3-D" or the "Chess" of music, emotionally and mentally.
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--------- MP3s ----------
[There are other MP3s as versions of MIDIs listed below]
* Suite -- Weaving Strands (Counterpoint) By Bob Fink (5 minute Stereo -- $8 for sheetmusic. Order: address below.)
* Bells of Freedom (Counterpoint/fugue) By Bob Fink (5 minute Stereo -- $8 for sheetmusic. Order: address below.)
     This piece imitates the ringing of steeple bells, beginning with music moving from left to right (like the clapper of a bell). The fugue or musical "round" in the middle grows as more bells ring out, as in an infectious celebration of newly-won freedom, culminating in reverberating & accumulated sound, cascading down the walls of a huge bell tower.
* Wedding March (from Mendelsohn] (Counterpoint) (3 minute Stereo -- $4 for sheetmusic. Order: address below.) Arranged by Bob Fink.
     Words at start: "There you are. It's a bright new morning. The crisp air has a nip in it. The dew hangs like crystal. All along the entrance are lined the trumpeters, the sun glinting off their horns. And then, like the cut of a gleaming knife, the sound splits the clear air. You step out into the morning, and on your arms are Robert Redford and Richard Gere."
* VerySuite By Bob Fink, Dedicated to Prof. Anne Kilmer (4 minute Stereo MP3 --$5 for sheetmusic -- Order: address below.)
* Prelude & Fantasy (Counterpoint) By Bob Fink (Fugue in F# major -- 3 minute Stereo --$5 for sheetmusic -- Order from address below. )
* Serendipity #357a (Composed by Serendipity computer program -- 20 second Stereo --1996--$1.5o Order: address below.)
* Serendipity #8a (Counterpoint) (Based on melody composed by Serendipity computer program -- 20 second Stereo --1996--$1.5o Order: address below.)
* Finale to Lysistrata & the War By Bob Fink (5 minute Stereo -- from Opera based on Lysistrata by Aristophanes --1960--$10 sheetmusic. Flute extravaganza. Order: address below.)
* Concert & Commentary. By Bob Fink -- (Note: This is a 33-minute MP3.) Stereo -- All reviews were excellent, such as: "Victor Borge step aside" [Briar Patch]; "fantastic ... inspired" [CFMC ]; "quite lovely" [Ed., Performing Arts in Canada]; "Knows his stuff" [Dept of Youth & Culture]; "A Fine...composer" [Sheaf] & more.
    This concert features several more compositions performed by Bob Fink (piano), pieces not listed above or below. It contains Fink's commentary and wit on music in general (he has a degree in musicology), as well as insights into his music compositions.
* Lennon & McCartney: Yesterday--4 minute Stereo mp3 (No sheetmusic available here)
A 72pp hardcopy book of sheetmusic containing most MP3s is also available to order: $25.oo.
--------- MIDIs ----------
IMPORTANT NOTE Re MIDIs: Do NOT use "Beatnik player."
The midis were made using using Windows 3.1 "mplayer.exe," w/Soundblaster. Other or later versions or platforms may terribly distort the loudness or balance of the MIDI's separate tracks -- and often change the instruments intended.
[There will be fewer such problems using the new MP3s provided or with the stereo tape cassette or CD of this music, which can be ordered by mail.]
If the music seems out of balance, choppy, et al, please note there is now an included link to an MP3 version offered to hear the music as originally intended [but slower loading].   
In the series below, the counterpoint music
is usually composed to initially play one or
both melodies solo before combining them.
* Serendipity #2d-fx (Counterpoint)  (Based on melody composed by Serendipity computer program -- 30 second Stereo --1996--$2 for sheetmusic. Order: address below. ) MIDI version.
* Motet #1 (Counterpoint) By Bob Fink (2" Stereo $4 sheetmusic -- Order: address below.) MIDI version.
* Dynoduo2 -- More Joy of Counterpoint by Bob Fink -- flute, harp & and pizzicatto strings [Dedicated to Prof. Bonnie Blackwell]-- 4" Stereo. ($5/sheetmusic. Order below.) MIDI version.
* The Joy of Counterpoint By Bob Fink (5 min. MP3 Stereo -- 2 flutes (& other instr) -- different melodies interweaving within an architecture of sound & harmony -- $5/sheetmusic -- Order: address below.). MIDI version.
* Short & Suite By Bob Fink (5 minute Stereo --$5 for sheetmusic -- Order: address below.) MIDI version.
* Andrew's Song (Lullaby for grandson Andrew Seamus Pasap -- 1 minute Stereo --6/97. $5 for sheetmusic --Order: address below.) MIDI version.
* J. S. Bach: 2-part invention in F (1 minute -- $2.oo sheetmusic [at cost]. All prices U.S. and postpaid) MIDI version.
* J. S. Bach: Little Fugue --4 minute Stereo MP3 (No sheetmusic available here) MIDI version.
* Origin of music told in music (4 minute Stereo -- The origin of music is told in the music of Ricard Strauss --1960--$10 sheetmusic. Order: address below.) MIDI version.

.Order Information:
1829 Arlington Ave., Saskatoon,
Canada S7H 2Y9
TEL# (306) 244-0679 or 931-2189
Add $2.oo for Pstg/Hndlg -- E-Mail us     for  overseas & bulk costs.
ALSO AVAILABLE: 30 minute cassette ($12) of some midis above;
and/or: 90" Stereo cassette or CD of many more non-midi new works (incl. MP3s) written in classical style.
Each 90" cassette or CD is $l9.oo U.S. postpd.
------- SOME REVIEWS --------
of Bob Fink's Some New 'Olde-Musicke'
* "Just fantastic...unique...inspired" -- CFMC FM Stereo Radio
* " less than entertaining and at best quite lovely. Thank you...."
-- M. Schulman, music editor, Performing Arts in Canada magazine.
* "Some New 'Olde-Musicke' is well worth listening to."
-- Terry Pugh, Briar Patch magazine
* "Audience took to his (concert) humour immediately ...great way to teach music appreciation!... Obviously knows his stuff. 5 minutes is too short a time to enjoy his talent."
-- E. Pearson, jurist, Sask Dept of Culture & Youth.
* "Better than Victor Borge!" -- W. Simmonds, CBC
* "...enjoyed playing through the pieces and thought the Greensleeves arrangement especially pleasing...." -- R. P. Broughton, Toronto
* "I think the works you have put on the site in midi form are absolutely fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all of them."
-- Nigel Coombes A.T.C.L (Inner City Four Clarinet Quartet).
Nigel is currently one of two staff arrangers for the Band of H.M Irish Guards. Nigel's works are now regularly featured in concert programmes at Kanasas State University and many other Universities across North America and the U.K..
* "...very beautiful..." -- Elizabeth Smillie, The Sheaf newspaper.
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