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Are you a certified book lover or a bookworm? Either way, having cute literary t-shirts is a must-have! Showing our love for books, characters, and authors can be greatly seen in custom T-Shirts. It is a way of letting people see our expression of fondness in reading books.
A lot of various choices for custom t shirts are available in stores, both online and physical, it’s very popular in London, Canada. For an easy guide, we noted the online shops that every book lover should check out. In addition to this, it is followed by a list of some sample products.
Without further ado, prepare your inner book worm self and check the following cute literary shirts.

Recommended Sites for Literary T-Shirts

Etsy – a great website for cute literary T-shirts. Using this site, customers can talk directly to the owner for personalized or custom t-shirts that they want. Secure your shopping because clothing being offered in Etsy are superb!
RedBubble – another great website for custom T-shirts. Get your cute literary personalized T-shirt in Redbubble. Their awesome products were designed by independent designers.
Society 6 – the same with RedBubble, a wide variety of choices are presented in Society 6. Designs were created by artists all over the world.
Zazzle – this wonderful website offers choices of great merchandise that can be customized and personalized by the customers. Customers can also customize an existing design made by different artists.
CafePress – as one of the biggest retailers of stocks for merchandise, CafePress allows their customers to personalize their own products as well.

Sample Cute Literary T-Shirts for Booklovers

The following samples are available in unisex, different colors, v-neck, women’s fitted scoop, and other choices. Enjoy shopping!
Certified Book Addict – an awesome typographic design created by Risa Rodil. This shirt can be purchased on RedBubble.

Certified Book Addict by Risa Rodil

Harry Potter Hogwarts and Deathly Hollows – Potterheads will be amazed by this wonderful design inspired by JK Rowling’s famous book. This inspired tee is however available on Amazon.

hogwarts t shirtDeathly Hollows

Sherlock Holmes – detective fanatics or Sherlock Holmes fanatics must check this shirt. This presents the design made by My Geek Chic and available at Etsy.

Sherlock Holmes

TFIOS Infinities and OKAY? OKAY? – get that Okay? Okay? of Augustus and Hazel by purchasing this t-shirt. This tank top is available in Amazon, 100% cotton!

TFIOS Infinities and OKAYTFIOS Infinities

House Lannister – show your Lannister’s blood with this awesome t-shirt. Have the emblem of the House Lannister on an American Apparel t-shirt. Etsy offers this t-shirt in different colors!

cute t-shirt and the famous quote by Frank Zappa

So Many Books! – show the struggle of being a book lover with a little time to read. Appreciate this cute t-shirt and the famous quote by Frank Zappa. This t-shirt is available on Zazzle.


With the wide selection of cute literary T-shirts, choosing what to buy can be a struggle for book lovers. Well, we hope for the odds to be always in your favor. Do not miss the chance of showing your appreciation and love to literature in this modern world! So, get your literary T-shirt customized!

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