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Vaping is a famous habit that many people are engaged in. The best part of articles pour vapoteurs laval is that your vaping experience can be more pleasurable when paired with the best songs. Due to its popularity, music artists have decided to produce songs about vaping to enhance the experience anytime and anywhere.

That said, here are some of the best-selected songs that you can enjoy while vaping:

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

One of the greatest hits with exceptional words. It speaks about life’s best experience and is also a sweet escape from reality.

Ganja Gun by Bob Marley

Listening to this song will make you feel high even without vaping. It is perfect during a vaping session as it’s soothing to hear and also makes you feel relaxed.

Green Grass Vapors by Angie Stone

It is one of the classic hits that every vaper would love to hear. There is no doubt that the song quality is excellent. The song feels very calm and pleasant to hear.

Misty Morning by Bob Marley

When it comes to smoking or vaping, the songs of Bob Marley are always the top choice. This song is about staying positive in life despite hardships along the way. It will surely uplift your mood once you hear it.

In addition, the song’s nice reggae and slow beat with jazz music will add to your blissful vaping experience.

Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter Paul and Mary

It is an emotional song about losing childhood innocence which most people can relate to. It can bring back memories from childhood and is no doubt one of the best songs while vaping.

Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

Rock fans and enthusiasts know this classic song from the 1970s. It is famous because its signature guitar riff, played by Ritchie Blackmore, is quite memorable. Once you hear the classic guitar riff, you will surely feel a good vibe.

Also, people say the sound is very pleasing when you’re high.

Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

This song is one of the greatest hits of the band Led Zeppelin. It lasts for 8 minutes and begins with a fantastic acoustic guitar riff accompanied by organ sound. The vibration is excellent and is perfect for every vaping session.

The Buzz by Hermitude

This is one of the best chiller music. The beat and the vibe will surely give you a perfect time whether you’re with someone or all by yourself.

Vapor Trails by Ride

Vapor Trails is the song of choice for car rides and vaping at the same time. The words are soulful with amazing music, making it a good song for chilling.

Wu Goo by Ghostface Killah

This song suits perfectly for vaping sessions. It is one of the best rap songs that give a chill mood. It also makes you feel like you’re spending time with the best rappers while vaping.


The type of music varies from one person to another, and you might have different feelings and interpretations while listening to them. The above-mentioned songs are carefully selected for vapers to have the most blissful vaping experience, so check them out whenever you go vaping.

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