Perks of Renting Musical Instruments with Greenwych.

  • We don’t rent our instruments. We own them. If a student needs a specific instrument, it’s always readily available.
  • We never charge our students with additional monthly repair fees nor do we get maintenance fees compared to our competitors. In the rental fee, you will pay for, insurance and repairs are already included. We will not charge you even if you break the instruments’ strings, rosin, bows, valve oil, cork grease, or cleaning swabs.
  • If you need to rent an instrument for the whole school year, we got you covered because we allow our students to rent our instruments annually. You can also save as much as 30% off on rental fees!
  • You can still rent with us even if it’s on a monthly basis. Greenwych allows you to enter a short-term agreement.
  • We have brand-name instruments such as Selmer, Bach, Yamaha, Armstrong, Bundy, Conn, Vito, Gemeinhardt, Emerson, Blessing, Becker, Beuscher, Juzek, etc. Since we pride ourselves in renting out top-notch instruments, we make sure our instruments are deep cleaned and sanitized thoroughly.
  • Even if we are online school, we can still provide technicians that can go to your location and repair your damaged instruments to make it good as new. If our technician needs more time to work on your instrument, then we can provide loaner instrument to replace it for the time being.
  • You always have the option to exchange stringed instruments for various sizes any time. If you need to switch to another instrument, we can also take care of that.
  • We always offer affordable prices for our students to rent the instruments. Every time you rent from us, you will have a 10% off discount for any used or new instruments we have on sale. We can also special order musical instrument/s your instructor recommends you use.


2019-2020 RENTAL RATES

If it’s your first time to rent an instrument for a school year, you can get a FREE 30-minute private session.

  • Class I: Viola, Violin, Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Trumpet, Bell Kit,

Rate: $39.99 per month

School year rental expiry: 6/30/2020 at $179.99

  • Class II: Tenor Sax, Baritone Horn

Rate: $69.99 per month

School year rental expiry: 6/30/2020 at $479.99

  • Specialty Instruments: Baritone Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, String Bass, Double French Horn

School year rental expiry: 6/30/2020 at $579.99

* Please note rental fees are not refundable. Repairs should be done by Greenwych – Online Music School.