Greenwych – Online Music School is a globalized shop that caters to all your instrumental needs. We specialize in repairing guitar or fretted instruments and band or orchestral instruments. Our technicians can fix any musical instrument regardless if it’s from a straightforward guitar re-string and/or setup to a refurbish of a vintage Alto Sax, Greenwych Music gets it done.

Our guitar technicians are adept in all areas of repair including electric guitar, acoustic and bass and will make sure your instrument reverts back to its previous condition. It is important to us that your instrument sounds and plays its best. You can bring your instrument for a free quotation anytime.

Our band repair specialists and technicians are accountable for prolonging the 1000s of instruments Greenwych Music rents annually and performing the usual overhauls, cleanings, and repairs for customers’ instruments. We have everything here and we make sure your instrument is back to its pristine condition.

We fix a lot of things, but that’s not limited to:

Guitar/Bass/ Electric

  • Complete setups
  • Crack & candid seam repairs
  • Repair & replacement of bridge
  • Repair & replacement of fret
  • Pickup installation
  • Replacement and repair of Nut
  • Adjustment of truss rod

Trombone/Trumpet/Baritone Horn

  • Mouthpiece pulling
  • Valve adjustments
  • Dents & cosmetics
  • Repairs of tuning slide
  • Repairs of Trombone slide
  • Repairs of water key

Clarinet/ Flute/ Saxophones/Bassoon/ Oboe

  • Pad replacement
  • Key adjustments
  • Dents and cosmetics
  • Cork replacement

Violin/Cello/ Viola/String Bass:

  • Bridge replacement
  • Repair and replacement of peg
  • Repair of crack & open seam
  • Restringing
  • Tailpiece repair
  • Fingerboard repair
  • Replacement and repair of nut
  • Adjustment and setting of soundpost
  • Complete Restorations

The instrument is for repair but not on the list? You may reach out to us through email or you can also call us for further repair queries.